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About the Founder & CEO

“A Bioscience student and a founder & CEO of Health Directs Wealth.”

I am a BioSciences student which makes sense that my blog should be related to health tips and all.
I am not just a student but also a Graphics Designer with 5 years of experience in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and a Content writer especially writes for science subjects since 1 year.
My majors are Nutrition, Genetic Engineering, Microbiology, Immunology, and my most favorite Biotechnology
We do study Sociology, Psychology related subjects and you know most of all I love to enroll in Psychology. The reason I care is; it is a science too and eventually leads to Human behavior their lifestyle, their habits, health and wealth.

After knowing all of my skill sets, I decided to give you people some benefits from my experience and my areas of expertise so that you can share it with your friends and take as much as as you can. I will be guiding you about some nutrients to be taken and some health tips to stay healthy. I’ll try my best to post health-related topics at least 1 within two weeks.
Because Health Directs Wealth 🙂